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Smart Buildings lie at the boundary of the physical and digital worlds... along with their digital twins, smart infrastructure, and the metaverse.

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The History of the "Smarter Stack"...and the future is just BEGINNING

In March 2020 – everything is shutting down. Buildings are empty. Everyone is fearful. Layoffs are mounting. People are dying. The unknown is staring us in the face…

It’s during this period of history that a group of 15 Smart Buildings industry influencers took the initiative and started getting together every Monday afternoon “live” (now called MondayLive.org) at 3 PM Eastern Time to discuss & brainstorm ideas for getting our industry through this and for improving air quality so lives would be saved.

The weekly discussions became so popular that they continue today. Come learn with the team every Monday at  3 p.m. Eastern Time by clicking here to access MondayLive.org.

The group at Monday Live most recently created the C4SB (Coalition for Smart Buildings) as an industry group making our presence felt in Washington, DC.

After several months of work by the MondayLive.org team (and other participants), the “Smarter Stack” has been created. It’s an exciting industry-first open-source communication tool that simplifies and explains the complexities of smarter building technology.

You are FREE to use it in presentations, proposals, videos, images…anywhere that you need to share ideas with architects, engineers, subcontractors, building owners, civic leaders…anyone.

You can access the Smarter Stack template here. Just be sure to give credit to the Monday Live team by citing MondayLive.org.

Here is the URL to an 18-min segment of a presentation that Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Padi.io & facilitator of Monday Live, made to the NexusLabs Pro group on 10.27.21 about the Smarter Stack.

Smart Talent for Smart Buildings

Who's Who? Each week meet interesting people making an impact on the Smart Buildings community.

James Dice

Creator of Nexus Labs, a jam packed resource for Smart Building professionals.

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Anto Budiardjo

CEO Padi.io, Facilitator of Monday Live and Evangelist of the Smarter Stack.

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Scott Cochrane

President/CEO of Cochrane Supply & Engineering. In this article Scott addresses the "BAS Zombie Apocalypse".

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