James Dice | Smart Buildings
James Dice

James Dice publish a weekly newsletter, “Nexus”, focused on energy efficiency, innovation, and technology in buildings. 

All of us know technology in our industry is barely scratching the surface of its potential. And yet every day, there’s a new startup. Every day, there’s news about “disruption”. It’s awfully noisy out there. You need the news and ideas that matter, the signal in the noise.

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Anto Budiardjo | Smart Buildings
Anto Budiardjo

As a creative entrepreneur, Anto has extensive experience working with product creation, customer development, product positioning, strategic marketing as well as technical functions, including product and software development.

The BAS industry is currently grappling to address cybersecurity. To this, Anto is providing much-needed thought leadership to guide help vendors and the channel to address the need for securing building systems.

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Scott | Smart Buildings
Scott Cochrane

President/CEO of Cochrane Supply & Engineering. In this article Scott addresses the “BAS Zombie Apocalypse”.

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