(1) 👉🏽 You’re not interested in the hidden job market.

Did you know that 50% of all jobs are not advertised by the hiring companies?

Currently, Smart Buildings Careers is working on 7 open jobs. 6 are “hidden.” You will never know about them unless you are connected with us.

Why are they hidden?

Several possible reasons – the job may be confidential. Someone is in the role and is going to be replaced.

Another, and frankly the most common, the company doesn’t have time.

They have turned the job over to us to find them the best candidates (which is what we do the best) which, in turn, gives them the freedom to do what they do best.

Quick story – one of the jobs we have has been open for 6-months. The client tried to fill it on their own for 2-months. Next, they tried two different recruiting firms.

Neither were specialists in the Smart Buildings market. One of the two firms did not bring them a single candidate in the two months they had the role.

The other firm brought them, several candidates, none of whom were correct.

The client said, “Skip, we have already lost more opportunity by not having this person in place than we would have had even if we had paid you a recruiter fee equal to their entire salary.”

And you will never find this job on the internet!

(2) 👉 You shouldn’t work with an experienced specialty recruiter if you like being kept “in the dark.”

How many times have you interviewed for a job and have never heard back?

That should never happen when working with an experienced specialty recruiter. (And if it does happen when working with us, call me out on it.)

We will not only give you feedback but will get you in front of other opportunities if possible. (See the next point, point 3.)

(3) 👉🏿You shouldn’t work with an experienced specialty recruiter if you want to do everything on your own.

If you are experienced and skilled enough to be presented to one of our client’s openings, then you are most likely experienced and skilled enough to be presented to other companies.

We have a computer program that scans for all of the other open jobs in your area that you are qualified for. We also identify the probable hiring managers. We will present you to those openings/companies as well.


Example – we have a candidate we are working with who lives in Tennessee. Our computer program has uncovered 95 jobs within a 50-mile radius of his home that he is qualified for.


We will start a marketing campaign for this candidate Monday.

(4) 👉 You shouldn’t work with an experienced specialty recruiter if you don’t want insight into the company’s hiring manager(s) and culture.

When we work with a client, we do a video interview with the hiring manager (HM). This enables you to do your due diligence on the HM and firm.

Harvard Business School did a study and found this amazing stat:

Of the people who have changed jobs in the last 5-years, 80% spent MORE TIME researching the next TV they bought than they did researching the next job they ultimately took.

We solve that problem for you!

To give these folks the benefit of the doubt, it was determined that part of the reason is that it is so hard to find out about the person you are going to work with. Sure, you can probably find their LinkedIn profile (if you have enough connections). But you can’t interview them ahead of time. It’s hard to really find out about them.

We do that hard work for you so you can find out whom you are going to spend a big part of your life with.

How? We “interview” the hiring manager for you and create a 20-30 minute video. This enables you to find out about your “boss” and the culture of the firm. Below is one example (I have put the URL to the YouTube at the end of the newsletter).

As one candidate said, “Wow! I sure wish one of these was available for every job!”

Here is an example :

o address IAQ, UVDI makes ultraviolet lighting systems for installation into the HVAC AHU’s (and other locations). The UV disinfects the air eliminating SARs, Covid, and other airborne illnesses. They also have a division that sells units into hospitals. Because of past work we have done with UVDI, we are currently recruiting for a Hospital Account Manager’s role in the Carolinas (TN, KY, SC, NC, Southern VA)

We interviewed the hiring manager, Kristine Steely. In this 20-30 minute video you learn about the hiring manager, her expectations for the role, the company, and it helps you determine if this could be a good fit for you.

And, guess what!? If you take notes during the video, you know every single question ahead of time you will be asked in the interview.

Copy/paste this URL into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-hyiafUqvk

(5) 👉🏽 And finally, last but not least, you don’t want to work with an experienced specialty recruiter if, obviously, the area they recruit in isn’t your area of expertise.

What I mean by that is this – When we do post a job, 60% or more of the people who apply are not qualified. A complaint a lot of people have about recruiters is, “I applied for a job, and I never heard back from the recruiter.” You are more likely to hear back from an inexperienced generalist recruiter in this situation than you are an experienced specialist. A firm hires us to recruit for them because they want a “plug and play” candidate, not one they must train. 

This is different from that point made in #2 above. You will not hear back from us if you aren’t qualified for the role. AND, we will never reach out to you if we don’t think you are qualified for the role.

But once you are presented to the client, you will ALWAYS know where you stand in the process.

So, there you have it. Five of the top reasons why you don’t want to work with an experienced specialty recruiter.

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